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The Association for Entrepreneurship USA serves independent and small business leaders across all 50 states through community involvement, peer mentoring and education. By joining forces for greater purchasing power, we offer today’s entrepreneur the competitive edge needed to compete in today’s digital world.

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A few words from AFEUSA President,
Charles Jackson

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Why You Should Be Practicing Gratitude Every Day

Anyone who knows me, knows how important a quality gratitude is to me. It makes all the difference in the world, and can turn any dreary situation into a joyful one. It can change our personal lives for the good, but it can also brighten up our entrepreneurial spirit....
employee appreciation

7 Ways To Reward Your Employees

It’s November, which means it’s the month of giving thanks! When you run a business, so much of its success is owed to your team of employees. But writing a check to show appreciation for all your employees can be impersonal and financially irresponsible. Here are...
The Importance of Leadership

The Corporal Meets the Commander in Chief…

…and learns the importance of leadership by example.   As Commander in Chief of the Continental Army that won American independence from England, president of the convention that wrote the U.S. Constitution, the first man elected President of the United States, and...
giving thanks

Why Giving Thanks Makes You Healthier

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Not just because my grandma makes the best cranberry sauce, but because of the traditions my family set focusing on gratitude. We went around in circles sharing things we were grateful for, watched old family videos...
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Read This If You Feel Like Your Business Has Hit a Wall

When entrepreneurs first start out as business owners, their dreams are constantly pushing them forward. But after you see your first few successes and your business starts to level out, it’s common to face a bit of a slump in your work. You feel burnt out, washed up,...