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The Association for Entrepreneurship USA serves as a Trade Association for Entrepreneurs, Gig, Micro Gig and "side hussle" across all 50 states. We provide education, resources, and networking to this growing community. By joining forces for greater purchasing power, we offer today's entrepreneur the competitive edge needed to compete in today's digital world.

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A few words from AFEUSA Director of Communications,
Wayne Goshkarian

The Purpose of AFEUSA:


Education plays a key role for any entrepreneur. AFEUSA hopes to provide a multitude of educational options including monthly newsletters, one-on-one business coaching, motivational ideas and concepts, along with a library of noted books and audio tapes.


AFEUSA has negotiated a variety of both business and lifestyle benefits for it’s members. In additional, unlike working for an employer and having group benefits, AFEUSA provides a full selection of group-based supplement benefits.


The life of an entrepreneur can sometimes be a lonely one. AFEUSA plans to help you bridge that gap with its future Open Forum platform and “Shark Tank style” online presentations, and connections to investment capital for start-ups or business expansion. And be sure to visit us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. With AFEUSA, its success by association!

Genius Network + I Love Marketing

Joe Polish, founder of the Genius Network, is one of the most sought after marketers alive today. Known for his ability to connect with almost anyone on the planet, he leverages his networking prowess to bring together the top industry transformers and leaders in the world. His mission is to change the global conversation around addiction and recovery from one of judgment to one of compassion.

AFEUSA is excited to bring you weekly content from Joe Polish’s Genius Network and I Love Marketing. Browse by these topics:

Entrepreneurship, Direct Response Marketing, Email Marketing, Masterminds, Personal Branding, Productivity, Health

Joe Polish

Latest Genius Network Article

Separating Badness from Bad Behavior

A couple of years ago, Joe did an interview with his friend JP Sears about addiction recovery. While JP Sears is an absolutely hilarious and talented comedian and YouTuber, the conversation Joe and JP had was raw and real, delving into the need for connection, how to...

Latest Genius Network Podcast

Connection, Networking, and the Pursuit of Happiness

#264 Episode Summary: In this episode Joe Polish is interviewed by friend, entrepreneur, and host of the Entrepreneur’s Organization podcast Dave Will about the origins of the Genius Network®.  Listen as Dave and Joe dive into what makes connectivity such a powerful...

Latest Genius Network Video

Lifecycle Marketing with Clate Mask

#317 Episode Summary: Small businesses are winning the big business game. Increased conversions and boosted income are yours for the taking if you do this one simple thing. Clate Mask is co-founder and CEO of Infusionsoft and co-author of the New York Times...

AFEUSA In The News

The Gig Economy & The New Rules

The Gig Economy & The New Rules

Wayne Goshkarian, Director of Communications for AFEUSA talks about how the proposed gig worker rule may impact individuals.

What to Know About Health Care

What to Know About Health Care

Hubbard Radio interviews AFEUSA Director of Communications, Wayne Goshkarian, about the state of health insurance and what individuals and business owners need to know.

Gig Economy

“Ultimate Gig” Book

John T. Fleming and Lauren Lawley Head provide a wonderfully broad perspective on the gig economy and the evolving world of work in this Prose Award finalist book. Ultimate Gig is an enlightening look at the new Gig Economy and is a fun and easy read.

AFEUSA recommended
The Ultimate Gig book on a desk along with a laptop and cup of coffee

Gig Articles

Illustration of a businessman on one side of a teeter totter and a big money sign on the other end

LEVERAGE is Becoming Popular

Millions of people, throughout the world are embracing a new way of working and developing non-traditional income streams. Their purpose: Enhance the quality of their personal lives and the quality of life for families and loved ones who depend upon their efforts....

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Shark Tank Around the World



Recent Articles

People at work, hovering over a desk with papers spread out

Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Marketing Strategy

When owning your own business, especially for those new to it, you’re bound to make a mistake or two. While some decisions you make will only cause a minor hiccup, some can create a major problem. Developing a marketing strategy...
Lady pondering with her arms crossed, a drawing of strong arms flexing behind her

Is There A Need For Your Business Idea? The Question Nobody Wants to Ask

As important as it is to accept certain opportunities it is also equally, if not more important, to reject opportunities. Time and resources are very important when running a business, especially if you are striving to start a new...
Group of people wearing helmets, huddled together with their hands stacked on each others, appearing joyous

Team Building- How Will This Bring Success To Your Business?

The goal of team building is to bring co-workers together and provide opportunities for them to build more meaningful relationships. People who include this into their business plan have found the results to be quite rewarding. Here...
Lady standing with arms folded across her chest, smiling

Gig Jobs With High Pay 

The gig economy has a reputation of short-term tasks done in volume to obtain the desired income of their worker. This, however, is not always the case as some gigs may break this stereotype with higher paying opportunities with...
Drawing of tablet screen sectioned into three options of web content used by individuals with disabilities or impairments

What Is Digital Accessibility And Why It Matters

The term digital accessibility is the practice of designing digital products and their environment so that they can be accessed by those living with various disabilities. Most of us are aware of the Americans with Disabilities Act...

Recent Articles from Entrepreneur Magazine

The oil and gas industry benefited from the rising crude oil process earlier this year thanks to the sanctions on Russian oil exports and production cut by OPEC+. While oil...... Read more
Published on: 2022-12-08
Source: Entrepreneur
One has to laugh at the macho stock rally the bulls pulled off last week as they ONCE AGAIN misunderstand the statements of the Fed. As clearer heads prevail the...... Read more
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Carvana Co. shares are crashing as investors fear the company is headed for bankruptcy. This article explains why you should avoid CVNA stock even if it's not... Read more
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Spotify rebounded Wednesday after declining 4.02% Tuesday. It's holding above a November 4 low of $69.29. Have investors heard the last of its downtrend?... Read more
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The FOMC is trying to pivot now but the data may not let them, the risk is the economy will chug along and then crash forcing a pivot in 2023.... Read more
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Source: Entrepreneur
The Tesla mogul has already briefly lost his spot briefly to Louis Vuitton CEO Bernard Arnault.... Read more
Published on: 2022-12-07
Source: Entrepreneur

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