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No matter how long you have been in business there is always more to learn. We have curated some of our favorites in this library and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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50 Startup Founders Reveal Why Their Startups Failed
by Thomas Oppong

The Lucky Brand
by David Brier

Unleashing the Ideavirus (PDF)
by Seth Godin

Mastering Creativity (PDF)
by James Clear

How to Start a Business You Love & That Loves You Back
by Michele Pariza Wacek

The Payroll Book
by Charles J. Read, CPA
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279 Days to Overnight Success (PDF)
by Chris Guillebeau

The New Rules of Viral Marketing (PDF)
by David Meerman Scott

by Leo Babuta

The Pomodoro Technique (PDF)
by Francesco Cirillo

Data-Driven Pitching for a Digital PR World
by Cision

Exit Rich
by Michelle Seiler Tucker & Sharon Lechter

Getting From Employee 5 to 50 
by Workable

50 Ways to Plan for Small Business Success 
by Erica Nicole

7 Secrets for Growing Your Own Frugal Business 
by Jean Wilson Murray, MBA, PHD

Startup Guide (PDF)
by Harvard University Office of Technology Development

Viral Copy (PDF)
by Brian Clark

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Why Unique Abilities Require Unique Marketing

#302 Episode Summary: Did you know that Unique Abilities require Unique Marketing? In this episode of I Love Marketing you’ll discover how to connect your Unique Ability®1 with Unique Marketing to transform your business, the unique marketing triangle and more.   Ben...

Celebrity Supermensch

#301 Episode Summary: Meet Celebrity Supermensch and Super Agent, Shep Gordon. Hear the connection between self-worth and celebrity, how Shep created and built the celebrity chef genre, the role belief plays in achieving your wildest dreams, and more. Shep E. Gordon...

Supercharge Your Business and Health

#300 Episode Summary: How to Supercharge Your Business and Health with GeniusX and Genius Network Member Harry Massey.   Harry Massey is the co-founder of NES Health and co-creator of the world’s first practical system for reading your body field and then offering...

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The Only ROI You Need to Measure

#331 Episode Summary: What’s more important? Return on interaction or return on investment? Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Connor Blakley in this episode: The Only ROI You Need To Measure: This will change the way you look at your company’s investments Why...

6 Eternal Truths From 6 Dead Mad Men

#318 Episode Summary: Who else wants 6 eternal truths from 6 of the greatest advertising legends that ever lived? Brian Kurtz delivers these, and more, in this quick episode of I Love Marketing. Brian Kurtz has been a serial direct marketer for over 35 years and never...

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