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AFEUSA appreciates the hard work and dedication of the organizations listed on this page. We are proud to contribute to their work by way of our financial contributions. We believe that this generosity creates a ripple effect that benefits all of us.

The Catalyst Center for Business and Entrepreneurship

Located: Huntsville, AL
Service Area: Nationwide

Providing entrepreneurs support in business education, coaching and networking to drive economic growth and job creation in Huntsville, Alabama since 2003.

A woman wearing a sport coat is at her desk and smiling at her colleagues on her monitor, about 20 of them, who are all having a video conference.
A young blonde woman holding some books and looking off into the distance. She is standing in front of a brick university building.

National Association of Community College Entrepreneurs

Located: Cary, NC
Service Area: Nationwide

NACCE is a member organization of over 300 community colleges representing nearly 2,000 staff. Presidents, educators, administrators and center directors are focused on igniting entrepreneurship in their community and on their campus.

Arizona Women’s Education and Entrepreneur Center

Located: Phoenix, AZ
Service Area: Arizona

Offers women entrepreneurs business and training workshops through one-on-one counseling, mentoring and online programs throughout Arizona. 

an older woman speaking to a group of young business people.
Proud coffee shop owner in apron and hat leaning to counter.

Renaissance Entrepreneur Center

Located: San Francisco, CA
Service Area: 4 locations throughout San Francisco

Helping strengthen and sustain communities by empowering economically diverse entrepreneurial men and women through the creation of new businesses, new jobs and promoting financial self-sufficiency.

The Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization

Located: Tampa, FL
Service Area: Chapters throughout the US

CEO informs, supports and inspires college students to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunity through enterprise creation.

Multi-ethnic group of students studying together outdoors in a college campus
Three teens around a whiteboard. One of them is pointing at some plans that have been drawn on the board.

Future Founders

Located: Chicago, IL
Service Area: Illinois

Immersing youth in experiences that inspire and empower them to create their own opportunities.

Bunker Labs

Located: Chicago, IL
Service Area: Nationwide

Built by military veteran entrepreneurs to empower other military veterans as leaders in innovation across the U.S.

Three men at a table with the Bunker Labs sign on the wall behind them. The men are looking at each other while discussing something.
Two students, one boy, one girl, with their older male business teacher. The boy is sitting at a computer and the girl is pointing to the screen.

Youth Entrepreneurs

Located: Wichita, KS
Service Area: Currently serving 19 states

Youth Entrepreneurs help students, especially those living in fragile communities, by igniting a passion for business education and entrepreneurship that will transform their thinking and provide a path to opportunity and fulfillment they never knew existed.

Enterprise Center in Johnson County

Located: Fairway, KS
Service Area: Kansas City

Selecting local entrepreneurs in early stages of development to provide support, financial education, mentoring, consulting and affordable workspace for new ventures.

Team of multicultural young people pointing on wall with glued colorful paper notes
Two boys and a girl are sitting around a table working on their business plan. The girl has her laptop open and is pointing at the screen.

Square 1

Located: Villa Hills, KY
Service Area: Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky

An accelerator services company providing resources to a broad range of entrepreneurs interested in turning ideas and research into business start-ups.

One Montana

Located: Bozeman, MT
Service Area: Montana

Youth and educator entrepreneurship programming is one component of the organization’s overall mission of social, economic and environmental sustainability for Montana.

About twenty people in a field gathered in a large semi-circle around a table with a man talking to the group.
Three men are on stage as part of a discussion panel. One man is speaking into a handheld microphone.

Oregon Entreprenuers Network

Located: Portland, OR
Service Area: Oregon

Fostering the flow of entrepreneurial ideas, services and capital to help connect emerging Northwest businesses to growth-stimulating expertise and valuable resources.


Located: Phoenix, AZ
Service Area: Chapters throughout the US

Helping high school students understand challenges facing businesses by participating in various competitions to inspire individual thought and entrepreneur-based ideas and solutions.

Four boys and four girls posing in front of a DECA AZ banner. They are all smiling and wearing dark blue blazers.