With limited labor markets it is important for companies to actively outreach to find satisfactory candidates without merely waiting for someone to fill the role. Here are three ways to let candidates know you are hiring.


Job Fairs

Many colleges host regular job fairs where companies can find potential talent and connect with other businesses. Finding the most appropriate event to debut specific positions is a great way to get many seeking individuals interested in your company. Job fairs at colleges are enticing especially when wanting to hire young and currently unemployed workers who are trying to learn and most of the time grow in their desired field. Being an incubator for newly budding students has potential for major success over time.


Sourcing Platforms

The easiest and most popular call for candidates is found online where many websites and applications are dedicated towards helping connect potential employees with a filtered database of companies. The difficulty in using sourcing platforms like Indeed.com is the competition. With sometimes hundreds of similar companies battling for the same candidates it may be troublesome when trying to find the most ideal individuals. However, with narrowed specifications and location requirements, the chances of gathering more candidates improves.



Sometimes the best ways to get the most ideal applicants comes through employee and friend referrals. By outlining the job and its requirements, some may know of individuals who would accurately fit or exceed the description’s expectations. Encouraging, or potentially even incentivizing, employees to refer particular job openings has high potential in finding an interested local for candidacy.



Article by
Christian Peterson
Content Writer and Researcher

Christian Peterson