Communication and acceptance cause vengeful plan to backfire.

As he stalked into the marriage counselor’s office, Burt was fed up. He was sure the counselor would be unable to help.

“Look,” Burt said, “I want a divorce and nothing you can say will change my mind. The only advice I’m interested in is how to make my wife as miserable as she’s made me. I want revenge. Any suggestions?”

The counselor immediately gauged the situation, and on instinct said, “I understand how you feel and I do have a suggestion. But it’s vicious. Really heartless. Are you sure about this?”

Excited, Burt leaned forward and said, “Yup, let’s hear it.”

“Okay,” the counselor said, “as soon as you get home start treating your wife as if she were a goddess. Cater to her every whim. Love her. Pamper her. Compliment her profusely. Make life as easy for her as you possibly can. Then, just when she begins to blossom in the glory of your attention, pack up and move out. File for divorce and never speak with her again. She will be crushed forever.”

Burt thought the plan was perfect and he put it into action that night. Several months passed. Then one evening at a social gathering, seeing Burt across the room, the counselor approached him and asked, “Burt, how did things work out? Did you file for divorce?”

“Divorce?” he responded in utter amazement.

“I’m married to a goddess! I wouldn’t leave her for the world! I took your advice and things are better than ever! We’re both very happy.”

Joel Weldon

Inspirational Content Writer and Speaker

joel weldon

the winding river by Joel Weldon

Here’s What You Can Do:

Whether in marriage or management, when you want someone to change their attitude or actions, first communicate your unqualified acceptance of that person. Although Burt didn’t realize it, that’s exactly what the counselor advised. When people feel rejected, they usually respond negatively. But if they feel accepted and approved of, then lasting, significant change is quite likely. Whether in marriage or management, people change because they want to.

-Joel Weldon