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joel weldonJoel Weldon has amassed a global following as one of the most respected speakers in North America. Not unlike most entrepreneurs, Joel’s success was discovered through trial by fire. It’s by such reliability that we find him such a refreshing source of strength and wisdom.

A former construction worker with no formal education, Joel turned down a full scholarship because he thought he “wasn’t smart enough to go to college.” Only a few years later his life completely changed.

Joel discovered the talent of tapping into his audience biggest fears, needs and victories (“NFV’s) to help them develop their greatest potential. Joel harnesses the power within each entrepreneur by bringing them back to why they started out on this journey in the first place.

By harnessing the NFV’s, Joel’s helped tens of thousands transform their passions into a thriving life source like a Phoenix rising. He knows that within each of us lives a spark of creativity that when given enough wind and fuel can cause a firestorm of innovation and success. It just needs to be remembered and brought back to life.

Joel Weldon has been an “Idea Consultant” to many of the world’s leading organizations for over 44 years. Joel’s international reputation for his seminars has earned him repeated invitations as well as accolades by some of the world’s most respected companies to date. The same organizations that hired him to conduct seminars over three decades ago are still hiring him today. Why? Because he gets results. He inspires better business through accountability, preparedness and leadership.

The timeless principles Joel echoes are not only practical, they are unforgettably illustrated in his true stories and examples (link to the Unlimited Times page of articles) Joel’s message generates positive action. Each story is specifically designed to meet the audience’s needs, help them conquer their fears and reinforce their victories. His unique ability to combine an outside perspective with the inside scoop has earned him the uncontested distinction of being called “America’s Most Prepared Speaker,” and in program after program, he has lived up to that reputation.

We are proud to welcome Joel Weldon as a contributing writer for the Association for Entrepreneurship USA. Our readers will enjoy his inspirational life lessons and guidance.