A well-learned presentation is the mark of a true professional.

After a professional golfer hits a poor shot and ends up with a bad lie, perhaps in the weeds near a lake, what does he think about as he takes that next swing? His hands? Keeping his head down? His follow-through? No! He’s learned all the basics. They’re “canned”! Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to deal with your sales presentations? To have such confidence in your “swing” that you donít need to think about qualifying questions, ways to handle objections, or closing techniques? When you put your plan in a can, you can devote your full attention to your prospect and what he or she is telling you. The idea of a canned, planned presentation may at first sound insincere and inflexible, but a canned presentation is actually very sincere and totally flexible. The best canned presentations are so well learned, so natural and spontaneous, that you cannot detect them.

With your plan in a can, you will be able to personalize every point to your prospect’s needs.

When you watch a great actress on a stage, she actually becomes the character she’s playing. You know there’s a script, rehearsals and many takes, but when you see it, it’s real! In a ring, a fighter reacts not through instinct, but through training. When you watch a great dancer, athlete or musician, what they’re doing appears natural and spontaneous. But each is highly trained and has practiced many long hours. Once your presentation is canned, it will make sense to your prospect because it will be well organized. It will allow you to listen, be creative, and feel confident. And best of all, it will allow you to repeat it the next time. It’s awful tough to repeat something, when you don’t know what it is you did!

Joel Weldon

Inspirational Content Writer and Speaker

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the winding river by Joel Weldon

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