The appeal of virtual marketing is so vast and mysterious that it can seem like magic. Why does some content suddenly go viral, and other content — requiring real hard work and well-earned money — struggles to attract any attention at all?

While scientists might be trying to break down the formula behind viral videos or memes, we can tell you one thing: The success behind a lead-generating website isn’t mysterious. It’s hardly accidental, either.

Landing pages — the very first webpage that loads on your website — is one of the most important things that companies mess up. Ask yourself: Is your landing page engaging? How attractive is the imagery on the page? Does it make one clear, concise offer?

Without a form with minimal fields to fill out (don’t force page visitors to break out dusty family paperwork just so they can join your email list) or a bright call-to-action button, your website visitor will be confused about why they should spend more time there.

Another way to impress visitors is to include good content. That can mean writing clear, interesting articles that are meaningful to your audience, or provide eye-catching pictures and videos of your product or services.

Now, you have a great landing page and good content for your visitors to explore. But, lastly, you want your audience to actually find your website. That’s where SEO optimization comes in.

SEO optimization means that, after Google or Bing have analyzed the content of your website, it will properly link you to the consumers searching for your business, product, or services. An excellent SEO-optimized website will generate leads consistently because, really, the search engines are doing all the work.

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Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Senior Advisor

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