What is a Gig Worker?

A gig worker performs temporary, flexible, and skill-based jobs for independent contractors or organizations, typically autonomous from the standard employee-employer relationships. Gig workers are not considered traditional employees of the companies in which they are employed. Gig workers are self-employed independent contractors who actively seek “gigs” through offering skill-based employment on a project-by-project basis. Gig work can also be called freelancing, temp-agency work, self-employment, or self-contracted work. 

Gig work is considered optimal to some because it can be flexible, short-term, remote, and lead to multiple streams of income. 


Gig work is flexible because gig workers choose when, where, and what projects to complete. This allows gig workers to form their own schedules, including when they go on vacation and what days they have off. This is also optimal because gig workers only work on projects they want to work on. 


Since gig workers are considered independent contractors, they have the ability to choose the length of their employment. This means the length of a project will be as long as it takes an individual to complete the project. 


Gig work can be remote, meaning that the gig worker can complete gig work in any location – even on vacation! The gig work economy has been elevated by technological innovations that allow remote work to contribute to the standard workplace. 

Multiple Streams of Income:

Considering that gig workers are in charge of what projects they complete and who they work for, gig workers can have multiple streams of income simultaneously depending on the quantity of projects they are taking on.  

Would I be a Good Gig Worker?

Gig work would be suitable for individuals not seeking long term employment. Full time students who are looking for a stream of income while they are not in school would be suitable for gig work. Individuals who do not enjoy working in a traditional group setting and would prefer working remotely would also be suitable for gig work. Anybody who is always on the go and traveling while wanting a stream of income would also be suitable for gig work!



Article by
Zoe Maung
Content Writer and Researcher

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