“When it comes to connecting with others even if it’s cold outreach, it’s usually not too hard if I think we’re on about the same level… but when it comes to people who seem like they’re above me, it’s a lot harder. What are some good ways to connect “up”?”

I love this question, because I’m sure almost anyone can relate to it. So, how do we get around this issue? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but I’ll speak from experience:

The power of creative gift giving is HUGE for connecting across different levels of status or influence.

Here’s how it can work:
If you’re trying to connect with someone who has a huge audience and a lot of impact in the world who you don’t know, start doing some research online. Listen closely to their most recent interviews and find details or stories people are ignoring that you resonate with. Find out more about why they’re doing interviews if it’s not obvious—maybe they’re launching a new product or they just published a book, for example. If they’re not launching anything, do more research to learn something a significant date or time for them such as a personal milestone, their birthday or their anniversary. (Whatever it may be, the info is out there on social media…)

Next, get ahold of their team or assistant (again, social media is your friend) and introduce yourself while being engaging, funny and polite. Once you’ve built some rapport, explain that you want to send them a small gift that aligns with their interests. Finally, take a funny and creative approach to your gift that will create “shock and awe” so you stand out.
As a personal example, you could find out their shoe size and buy them an expensive, limited edition shoe you know they would like… but only send them one of the shoes. In your letter, introduce yourself, thank them for their time and explain that you needed to “get your foot in the door”—and that you’ll give them the other shoe when you meet in person!

The above is just an example, but the point remains the same: Be playful, memorable, and authentic—and show that you are a valuable, interesting person who is determined to connect! Over and over again, I’ve seen how creativity and thoughtfulness can open doors that otherwise seem closed. After all, entrepreneurs are usually pretty curious and interesting individuals… and there’s nothing they love more than other curious and interesting individuals!

Just remember: don’t use this as a “tactic.” From the wrong place, this can feel like a gimmick that wastes everyone’s time.
But with the right intentions, this is a powerful tool for connection with anyone. If you don’t believe me, give it a try for yourself 🙂

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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