The life of the modern entrepreneur, and the modern businessperson for that matter, is constantly shifting. The days of punching in at dawn to sit behind a typewriter for 12 hours are long gone. Today, we enjoy the convenience and accessibility of working remotely. From videoconferencing with clients across the world to digitally collaborating on projects in real time, modern technology affords us the luxury of being able to complete virtually any task from the comfort of our own homes. But right around the corner, there’s always a better way to do any task. Let’s take a look at some of this year’s hottest work from home trends.

Preparing for Gen Z Competition

Studies show that by 2020, Generation Z will comprise a whopping 36 percent of the global workforce. This means that those of us who are planning on utilizing more remote options will have to go out of our way to prove our ability to adapt. This means no putting off work until the last minute or sacrificing quality for convenience. A proven track record will be your golden ticket to proving yourself in your field, because if you can’t do the job from home, you’d better believe somebody else will be able to. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get some specialization under your belt while you’re at it.

It’ll Be Imperative to Physically Check Back In

A huge contributing factor that can make working from home detrimental is the lack of tangible human interaction. To combat this, it is a good idea for companies to make sure their employees stop by the office every once in a while for face-to-face chats or team-building activities. If we’re not associating a face with the work we do, it can be hard to build the important relationships that make businesses run smoothly. This doesn’t mean we should micromanage, but trust is a thing that is both earned and maintained. Give yourself the freedom to succeed while giving your company the freedom to build connections that thrive.

Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Senior Advisor

Wayne Goshkarian in front of his jet