As a gig worker, you’re always hustling, especially now. In situations like this, it’s essential to think about how and where you communicate about your services. You may have a stellar profile on a social media page or freelance platform, but if that profile is on the wrong platform for your audience, it’s worthless. Here are two leading gig work websites you need to be aware of.


This is one of the biggest freelance marketplaces, hosting millions of gig workers specializing in marketing, design, accounting, writing, customer service, and web development. Subcontractors can find short-term projects, returning roles, and even full-time contract work. Additionally, regardless of experience level, entry-level and seasoned freelancers alike can find plenty of opportunities.

Simply Hired

As one of the largest job search engines online, Simply Hired helps people find remote and freelance work. In the program itself, you can find over 100 job boards, giving you access to over a million positions ranging from marketing to customer service. What’s more, the site also has a blog that showcases helpful content. It also helps people look more appealing to recruiters.

These are just two leading gig platforms helping our freelance community find opportunities. But standing out in a crowd of gig workers in the economy is challenging. So, if you’re an AFEUSA member, connect with your countless peers through our discussion boards and find numerous networking tips — you may even discover your next opportunity!

Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Senior Advisor

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