As we’re adjusting to a new home office, our surroundings may create an assortment of distractions. Think about the little things that eat away at your day, like attempting to find hard copies of documents and charging your phone, Here are some of the best tools to help you succeed and increase your productivity.

Filing Cabinet

If working from home is running longer than you anticipated, it’s time to invest in a small two- or three-drawer filing cabinet. It will keep your workspace tidy, and most options can fit under your desk to maximize space. Every minute on the clock matters, which means the less time you spend rummaging through miscellaneous documents, the better. Additionally, if you’re using a part of your living space for your home office, keeping everything clean means you’ll think less about work after hours and be able to focus on your family rather than the mess.

Wireless Phone Charger

Charging your phone is a normal part of daily life, but those small breaks throughout the day spent charging or checking your phone eat away at the valuable time you could be using to address a business issue. A wireless phone charger enables you to charge your phone anytime, anywhere, meaning you don’t have to stop what you are doing to plug in your phone.

Laptop Stand

If you’ve been using your laptop the whole time you’ve been working from home instead of your normal desktop setup, it may not be accustomed to eight hours of heavy usage every day. This extreme usage can cause your laptop to overheat, damaging critical components. Luckily, a laptop stand creates airflow under the computer where the vents are located, enabling it to stay cool.

Home Printer

Any change in your workflow decreases your productivity, especially working from home. If you rely on a small number of hard copies of documents for any reason, a basic printer/scanner from a reputable brand like HP, Canon, or Brother will do the job. By doing this, you’re lessening the changes to your normal process.

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Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Senior Advisor

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