Today’s tip is about… why a Capabilities Statement is so IMPORTANT! 

I often get the question from clients that I coach – “Why is a Capabilities Statement so important?” And I respond, “When you apply for a job, do you provide your resume?” A Capabilities Statement is like your Business’s Resume.

It is important to include the following in your Capabilities Statement:

  • Company Data, Logo, Small Business Certifications, DUNS, Cage Code, NAICS, Contract Vehicles
  • Core Competencies
  • Past Performance/ Experience/ Customers/ Quotes, if available; Descriptions, if appropriate 
  • List Agency, Department or Company, Contract #, Value, Timeframe, Brief Description, Highlights of Success
  • Differentiators/Uniqueness – should have a clear value statement detailing what makes your company different from competitors 
  • Important to use good grammar and spelling; use Acronyms and Government Agency Language 
  • Make sure it looks professional: be precise, use bullet points instead of long paragraphs 
  • One page, use both sides 
  • Pictures are nice: make it visually appealing 
  • Include link to company website and make sure that relevant and recent information is included 
  • Tailor Capabilities Statements to each agency or prime you meet (I recommend you have one section that tells why that agency or Prime should choose your company – do the research – if you demonstrate to them how you can fit in, it helps them, and they will find a place for you! Be Proactive!)

    If you would like to have your company’s Capabilities Statement reviewed by The Catalyst’s Subject Matter Experts – please email me at We will be happy to provide this service for no charge! We are here for you!

    Leigh Christian
    TechRich 7(j) Project Manager
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