Working from home can present some serious hazards. That newfound sense of freedom is a double edged sword, as it can be much harder to provide a consistent work environment with decentralized employees. That’s why it’s so important to identify potential risks and address them before they happen. Let’s take a look at some solutions to common problems working at home can present.

Problem: Providing Benefits for Employees

Solution: NeedyMeds

People in the process of starting their own business often simply aren’t in a position to provide benefits for themselves or their employees. Providing benefits like healthcare is even harder when you have employees working from home. There are several different ways to solve this issue, but the easiest by far is NeedyMeds. This juggernaut of healthcare is a nationwide nonprofit that helps find programs to assist with the general costs of medication and healthcare. By visiting their website, you’ll be able to access all the information you need on getting coverage. The best part is that it’s completely free. While their services are wide-ranging, here’s a look at just a few of the incentives they have to offer: coupons, rebates, scholarships, low-cost clinics, recreational programs, and generic discount drug programs — with some medications running as low as $4. In fact, by being an AFE member you’re offered exclusive access to the company. Visit our members’ area to find out more.


Problem: Poor Health Choices

Solution: Food-Management Apps

One of the less obvious downsides to working from home may feel like quite the treat at first. Working from the comfort of your home office or couch allows you to be mere steps away from the goodies in your fridge at any moment. That honeymoon won’t last. You’re bound to find out fairly quickly the toll constant access to food can take on your body — especially if you’re getting older. The best way to combat this — in addition to having stronger self-discipline — is to download an app to help with your daily intake. Apps like FoodPrint or Calorie Counter are an easy way to track your food intake and remind yourself to stay active. From being reminded to drink water to creating specialized meal plans to fit your busy schedule, there are plenty of options to help keep the weight off.

Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Senior Advisor

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