As an entrepreneur with an assortment of tasks that you need to manage daily, social media is often just one more headache. You may find it useful to consolidate your social media profiles into one personal account per channel. Before you do so, however, there are some drawbacks and positives you’ll need to consider.

Con — Fear of Offending a Professional Contact

Social media is an excellent place for everyone to share their likes, dislikes, and opinions with friends and family. When you allow professional connections to view and participate in the conversation, though, your ability to do so becomes limited. What you talk with a friend about on social media may not be something you would talk to a client about.

By having two separate accounts, you can comment freely on complex subjects without a nagging fear of it connecting back to your business and affecting sales.

Pro — You’re Not Splitting Your Target Audience

Maintaining multiple accounts can take up a lot of valuable time. Reducing the number of accounts on each channel can reduce the headache of posting and scheduling your content. It can be tedious to convert professional contacts over to your business page as well.

If the content you post goes viral, or you see a friend share your post, your sales funnel from your business page to your website is streamlined. If you have to direct traffic from your personal page to a business page in the sales funnel, you will see fewer sales and web traffic.

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Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Senior Advisor

Wayne Goshkarian in front of his jet