One of the things I did 25+ years ago with my carpet cleaning business was give customers ‘Carpet Audits’ instead of ‘estimates’. I also taught thousands of other carpet cleaners how to do this too.

Almost every service provider I’ve met, from plumbers, to electricians, to pest control companies, to carpet cleaners, to painters, all tend to go into homes or businesses and give free estimates. People then use those estimates to compare with competitors and they go with the company that offers the lowest price.

I wanted to help carpet cleaners – including myself – differentiate. So, I never gave free estimates or quotes. I gave ‘Carpet Audits’. I would go into homes and evaluate the condition of their carpets. I found out things like: What kind of carpet do they have? How old is the carpet? How many animals or pets are in the home? What sort of vacuum is used? What sort of filtration is used on the vacuum cleaner? How often is the carpet cleaned? What cleaning chemicals are/were used?

I then created a term called ‘Wear Age’. I gave the homeowner the ‘Wear Age’ of their carpet based on the condition of their carpet and I would tell them how long their carpet would last if they used my prescription. No one was doing this.

By having carpet cleaners give a Carpet Audit, along with a free room of carpet cleaning, it increased the average sale of every carpet cleaner that used my system by 25%.

I took THOUSANDS of carpet cleaners all over the world and gave them a way to increase their average sale by 25%. That was 25% additional revenue because of how they packaged and presented themselves doing a Carpet Audit. And the clients loved it! They were fully educated on the difference between the service businesses that utilized my process versus other companies that just quoted a price. It was ethical, effective and ELF (Easy, Lucrative and Fun).

And an audit can work for almost any business. I’ve even had the top brain scan psychiatrist in the world offer a Brain Audit on his website. The lesson is this: Doing an audit of anything is a smart way to differentiate yourself.

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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