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What Scares You?

The Imposter

We all reach a time in our life where we feel like we’re wearing a mask and somehow we’ve tricked everyone around us into thinking we are more awesome and more qualified than we really are. We feel like we don’t deserve recognition for our ideas or accomplishments. That is simply NOT true. Here is a great article to help you overcome this feeling…. <<<Read More.

Overwhelming Fear

One of THE most commonly shared fears among Entrepreneurs, is failure. However, if every Entrepreneur who was faced with potential failure quit, we wouldn’t have electricity or cars. Living your life cripled by fear of failure is no way to achieve anything. So here are some quotes to help you overcome your fear….<<<Read More.
 This Month’s BENEFIT //

Dental/Vision/Hearing Discount Plan

Are you tired of “Scary” dental and vision bills? As a member of AFEUSA you receive the benefit of Careington’s Dental, Vision and Hearing discount plan. Here is how to access it:
  • contains all the information and the online enrollment.
  • Members put in their Zip Code, are taken to the online enrollment, and pay just $20.00 for each pass.
  • Members have 30-day access to the network they selected (Dental, Vision or Hearing) starting on the date of purchase.
  • Members can also get a complimentary discount prescription plan!

Future Founders

Future Founders is a non-profit organization that believes every youth can become an Entrepreneur. “We offer age-appropriate and stage-appropriate programs to connect youth with mentors and help them build a toolkit of entrepreneurial skills. We believe this leads to a generation of more determined entrepreneurial thinkers and doers…youth who will build their own businesses, work for startups, or bring an entrepreneurial perspective to whatever they do. Through our work, we can empower youth to create their own opportunity.”
This Month’s NEWS //

Student Interviews

AFEUSA President Charles Jackson has interviewed a few of our amazing grant recipients. Our first interview is with: Kat Samardzija. Kat is a Senior Student Athlete at Grand Valley State University. She is double majoring in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Kat is the founder of Locker Lifestyle®, products designed to keep up with an active lifestyle while keeping your valuables safe. Locker Lifestyle® started out small, selling on Etsy, at local festivals, and gyms. Before she knew it, even while attending college and playing tennis on scholarship, Kat sold hundreds of Wrist Lockers™, and placed FIRST in 7/7 entrepreneurship competitions she entered. (Click below to hear her inspiring story. *Starts at 45 seconds.)
Supporting Women Entrepreneurs of Southern Arizona. AFEUSA President Charles Jackson, with event organizer and local entrepreneur Alejandre Richards.

Monthly Motivation

The first successful cast iron plow invented in the United States in 1797 was rejected by New Jersey farmers under the theory that cast iron poisoned the land and stimulated growth of weeds….