The business world is more mobile than ever before, and the modern entrepreneur is reaping the benefits. It may be time for you to leave the stuffy office behind and take your work with you wherever you go in a newly minted mobile office. It’s not as far-fetched as it seems. It will be easy to get your operation up and running with these easy tips.

Narrowing Down the Right Computer

With today’s sleek and affordable options, there’s no excuse for not being able to get your work done from wherever life takes you. The last thing you want is a clunky computer holding you back and keeping you from owning the road. Depending on the type of work you plan on doing, you may just need a jack-of-all-trades laptop like the MacBook Pro. If all you need to go fully mobile is to have web access through a browser, then maybe an even simpler computing option will suit your lifestyle: the Google Chromebook. You could even step down a size to an Apple iPad, which will allow you to leave the briefcase at home as well as do the trick if all you plan on doing is sending emails and updating your social media accounts. The important question to ask yourself is how long you plan on being on the move. If you’re going to be settling down soon, then maybe you should go with a laptop that can do everything. 

Managing Your Data

There’s enough to worry about in your new and exciting venture, so you shouldn’t need to be concerned with saving and sending your documents. Making sure that your information is properly backed up and capable of being shared will make or break the success of your mobile office. You should always be prepared for the worst to happen with your data at any second, and you should proactively take steps to prevent disaster at all times. An external hard drive or data storage site can make storing all your precious cargo that much easier, and when it comes to sharing, Google Drive is widely used no matter your industry. You could also mix it up and use a different kind of cloud-based storage, or more than one, for redundancy.

Now, hit the road and enjoy the ride.

Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Senior Advisor

Wayne Goshkarian in front of his jet