As we adjust our business plans to the new normal, we need to stay on top of our marketing to ensure all of our content is relevant. Neglecting to update various product descriptions, pricing, and messaging can potentially leave your target demographic confused and annoyed. So, as a weekly check-up, use these practices to make sure your marketing is valuable and meaningful to your audience.

Make sure product information is correct.

Due to the pandemic, many supply chains have been affected, which is restricting or altering what types of products or services businesses offer per product or product line. Additionally, many companies manage several online sales channels and work with various physical distributors. If your company is one of these, update your product descriptions everywhere. By using a disclaimer in the first two sentences, you’re being transparent with your customer base, maintaining the quality of service they normally get.

Make sure your products and services are discoverable.

If you’re seeing online sales decline, review how your target demographic searches for your product. Due to the pandemic, many people are rethinking how they value services and products. Customers might be more price-sensitive or might be looking for product features you don’t typically showcase. So, during this time, it’s important to update your SEO strategy weekly to ensure you reach the right audience.

We know the power of client retention, so negating customer care is detrimental to business. It’s essential not only to continuously update your advertising practices but also to touch base with firms specializing in advertising. Companies like SocialCore Marketing ensure their clients are on track since they’re continually reviewing the marketing industry and what specific demographics need. If you’re an AFEUSA member, use your discount through your membership portal.

Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Director of Communications

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