As important as it is to accept certain opportunities it is also equally, if not more important, to reject opportunities. Time and resources are very important when running a business, especially if you are striving to start a new one. The question of whether or not you should pursue an original or inspired idea has always been tethered to several underlying answers that can typically dictate the future successes of said idea. One way to acquire these answers is by simply using the SWOT analysis.
The SWOT analysis is an internal factor review strategy designed to assess the likely success or failure of companies and products. This acronym takes into account the (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) in whatever situation applied. This can be used at almost any stage to help with:

– Brainstorming
– Marketing
– Strategic Planning
– Business Planning
– Product Development
– Business Reports
– Competitor Evaluation

Using tactics like the SWOT analysis can give a general assessment of the success of an idea before any actions are taken. If the benefits and opportunities of an idea are few and the strengths lack longevity, then the idea may not gather enough gains for further sustainability. Excessive amounts of weaknesses and impending threats are key signals that an idea may not be worth the resources at this time. Providing a plan to develop your systems to later have easier access to the idea may be a better course of action. Weight the differences between the struggles and the benefits with a lot of up-to-date research and you will be able to find the right opportunity to make into a successful business.



Article by
Christian Peterson
Content Writer and Researcher

Christian Peterson