Developing an environment of continued education in the workplace can not only improve the quality of work being done, but also encourage the environment into one that finds satisfaction in the improvement ones’ self and their peers. Continued education can vary in complexity depending on the job and its employees; however, whether it’s getting a degree, returning for one’s masters, or even solidifying a high school diploma, constantly learning helps build skills and experiences used to expand your life’s future possibilities.

To bring this into the workplace, it must first be widely encouraged on all fronts of the company. Once encouraged and talked about through newsletters, meetings, and posters, it is then important to find out who is willing to further their education – for those that are unwilling, finding an alternative next-step, even if not in an accredited school system, can also be just as beneficial.

Career Mapping is an incredibly helpful tool for those that don’t quite have a clear vision as to what they are doing or where they want to go. Classes, meetings, programs, and speakers can all assist during the career mapping process.
Here, inserts a session to pair these employees with accountability partners. Whether this be in a group or individually can vary depending on the size. Accountability will keep people’s time and efforts within their goals to reach their desired destination. Without accountability and workplace encouragement many fall short in striving for their goals, especially when there are no others to help.

From here, grow organically. There is no clear-cut way to help people learn, unless you bare falling into the paradox of forced education – which then doesn’t teach, but drill.

Some examples of this organic growth can be through:
– The starting of a book club
– The guidance of a mentorship program
– Peer review/guidance groups
– The building of a Toastmasters club
– “Accountability committees”
– Bring in Motivational Speakers
– Invest in Learning Programs/Activities

As long as employees feel encouraged, accountable, and driven in the workplace, the opportunities will continue to spread like wildfire. You don’t have to be an employer to start – give it a try!


Article by
Christian Peterson
Marketing Manager

Christian Peterson