As the number of people working from home continues to increase, men and women with remote jobs are faced with a whole new set of distractions while they work. 

Interruptions that were once unnecessarily long meetings and loud coworkers are now barking dogs, crying babies, and doorbells. So, if you’re working from home, here are some tips on how to remain focused. 

Create a “cubicle” YOU love

Working from home means your office could be your kitchen table, living room couch, or even your bedroom. Wherever you choose to work in your home, make sure that it is a professional setting. Even though you are at home, you should still sit at a desk, in a desk chair, with natural lighting and professional posture. A quiet and organized space that is dedicated to working in your home will allow you to stay focused and productive. 

One of the benefits of a home office is that you can create a space that caters to you and your productivity. Whether it be your favorite playlist playing in the background or a diffuser on the corner of your desk, decorate your space with plants, photos, lights, and whatever helps you focus. 

Only allow yourself allotted break times

Working from home increases the number of chores you could get done on a daily basis. A load of laundry in between calls, your kitchen right around the corner to try a new recipe or grab another snack, your bed one flight of stairs away for a quick nap…

While tempting, it is important to treat your work day at home like you would treat a work day in an office. Typically, you would not be allowed a 15 minute break every hour to do whatever you wanted. While taking breaks is important, be reasonable with how you spend your breaks at home and how often you take them. 

Try not to stray from tasks you would get done on a break if you were working in an office. For example, you wouldn’t use your 15 minute break in between meetings to take a nap in the break room. Even though you are at home, keep your mind in work-mode to remain concentrated on your tasks. 

Working from home is designed to make you more productive and allow you to work in a space where you can focus, treat it that way! 

Article by
Abigail Dycus
Content Writer and Researcher

Abigail Dycus