It’s no secret that for businesses, the holiday season can be stressful. As the year is coming to a close it’s important for business owners to finish it off with a bang. Here’s how you can make a strong impact in the final quarter and walk into the new year with ease.


1. Take stock of financial figures

Take stock of your current sales numbers and compare them to the previous year. Did they succeed the figures from year? Did you hit your sales goals? If not, you need to figure out what systems weren’t working and implement some new ones. Getting all your financials in order will have you ready for the tax season which is right around the corner. Now is also a good time to plan a new budget for the upcoming year if need be.


2. Reevaluate business goals

This is the perfect time to establish any new business goals you may want to achieve. The end of the year is a great time to evaluate what goals have been achieved and how you can have even more growth going into the new year. If you’ve fallen short, then now is a good time to implement new ideas. Hold a team meeting to discuss where others may see areas that could use some change.


3. Offer Sales and Promotions

The holidays are an excellent time to offer discounts and promotions. This will draw in customers and help get rid of some excess inventory. You can also consider holding an event for the holidays that engages your customers and local community.



Article by
Ava Collins
Content Writer and Researcher

Student award winner Ava Collins