We are living in a digital world, every successful business has some type of media presence, here is how you build yours. 

Creating your Profile 

If you already have a business name setup to match your website then stick with it, consistency is key. To create your instagram profile you need to start with a username that reflects on your business. It needs to be something that is unique but short and easy to remember. Having a complicated username makes it difficult for customers to find your page. 

Next step in creating your profile is to write your bio. Include a description of your service and/or products that you provide, this shows your customers what the purpose of your page is. Your bio should also include keywords that lead your target audience to your profile. Lastly, connect any other media format that includes information about your business – websites or other social media pages. 

Post Unique Content

Instagram is about visual mediums. Create posts that are aesthetically pleasing and share your message. To get an idea you can research instagram influencers to help gain inspiration. 

Examples of posts:

  • Behind the scenes 
  • Product teaser
  • Tutorials 
  • Q&A

Use photo editing apps and filters to your advantage. Nobody likes a boring photo or video so be creative and use technology to your advantage to make your post more pleasing to the eye. It is important to stay up-to-date on the social media trends, for example reels, stories, and filters can make or break your audience engagement. 

Include hashtags, research the most popular hashtags that are RELEVANT to your post. There is nothing worse than a pointless hashtag. Using hashtags correctly, help bring in new followers and more engagement on your posts.  

Be Consistent 

Be consistent with your posts, users will unfollow you for not posting enough or posting too much. The ideal is 2-7 times a week, not including instagram stories and engaging with your followers. 

Create a content calendar to plan ahead and help you set up a strategic schedule for your posts. Planning ahead will save you hours of time trying to figure out what to post. It also keeps you on track and assures your consistency in engagement. 

The remainder of your time is spent communicating with other users, replying to comments and messages. It is also beneficial to follow other pages similar to yours, like and comment on their posts. This is the beginning to networking, getting to know work similar to yours and building a relationship can grow your profile. 

Article by
Brynna Benjamin
Content Writer and Researcher