When you work from home, it’s crucial that you remain productive in your work. And while there are many perks involved with working from home, such as giving you the freedom and flexibility to manage your work schedule and the fact you get to skip the headache of commuting daily, reducing the money you would spend on gas.

But as great as it sounds, you can find yourself running into some significant issues that can affect your work performance. You might not work as efficiently as you have in the past, or you might not be meeting deadlines. You may be prone to too many distractions throughout the day.

Whatever the case, if you are struggling to find balance in your workday, here are some tips that can assist you in having a more productive and efficient day when you are working from home.

1.)   Set a work schedule and stick to it

Just as you would have a regular schedule if you were physically showing up to your place of work, you should set specific work hours and commit to working that entire time. Yes, it’s wonderful to have the freedom to choose what hours you work when you are working from home, but that sometimes can lead to unproductive work results. 

2.)   Have a dedicated workspace

Having a space you go to every morning to work will keep you on track and focused. Not having a dedicated workspace can set you up for additional distractions throughout the day. Choosing a space with little to no foot traffic is a good idea, one that offers all the necessary items to conduct your tasks efficiently.

3.)   Create daily to-do lists

You can tackle all your required tasks by creating daily to-do lists. It will help keep you organized and stay on track.

4.)   Schedule regular communication with coworkers and managers

Be sure you are regularly checking in with coworkers and managers to ensure you are all on the same page, working efficiently towards the same goals. Here you can discuss any obstacles or issues you may have run into.

5.)   Know when it’s time to quit working

Even if you’re working from home, it’s still important to draw those boundaries and stop working at a specific time. It’s crucial to your overall health and well-being to separate work from home life. Sticking to an end time will allow you to be present and tend to other obligations, such as catching up with family and friends or even taking care of your wants and needs.


So, while there’s many benefits that come along with working from home, sometimes working from home can lead to you becoming unproductive. Finding that right balance is essential. And by making a few adjustments and following these tips suggested, you are guaranteed in becoming more productive when working from home.


Article by
Ava Collins
Content Writer and Researcher

Student award winner Ava Collins