Social media platforms have their own sets of algorithms that determine the content that users see on a daily basis. The Instagram algorithm usually consists of the following factors: relationship, interest, timeliness, frequency of use, followers, and session time (Cooper, 2021). 

This algorithm often becomes challenging for individuals trying to become social media influencers or for small business owners trying to gain attention for their product or service that is necessary to expand their business. Time to think smarter, not harder! Follow the following guidelines to work with the social media algorithm to grow your platform. 

Post Carousels 

Carousel posts include multiple images or videos in one post. These types of posts usually make up 17 percent of the posts on the main feed. It is important to keep all the photos and videos relevant to the purpose of the post.


To maintain your social media presence post at least once a week, but it is highly recommended to post at least once a day. Posting often can become overwhelming, it is best to create a content calendar to plan out what you want to post and when to post it. 

On platforms such as Instagram, consistency can also apply to profile aesthetics and purpose. Consider why you are creating your own page and what you want to gain from it. Maintaining the same overall goals and making those goals clear will help gain the right followers. If you take a look at influencers, their page usually has a consistent theme that is visually appealing. 

Use Hashtags

Precise and well thought out hashtags work well with the social media algorithms and allow for users with similar interests to discover your page. 

It can be difficult to grow your small business when competing with other content on social media. Working with the algorithm rather than against it will likely result in great success!

Article by
Brynna Benjamin
Content Writer and Researcher