You can come up with many ideas to build your dream home office. And when you consider how much time you will spend there each day, you should want this space to be a place you enjoy and will feel comfortable in. Doing so will make you more productive and better able to put your best effort into your work projects. To have the ultimate home office yourself, follow these tips and you should have your dream office in no time!


The location of your home office is an important thing to consider. When at all possible, choose a space where there is the least amount of foot traffic possible. This will help limit distractions. Depending on your work, you could be spending up to 8 hours working, possibly even more, so don’t try to shove yourself into a corner or closet space somewhere. The room should feel adequately roomy and comfortable for you.


Ensure you have all the necessary items needed to work efficiently throughout your workday and know where to find things if they need to be within arm’s reach or eye view. You shouldn’t be wasting your time running around searching for something. Organization is vital to making the most of your time; therefore, investing in different storage options is a good idea. A desk with drawers can help organize small items’ clutter while remaining accessible. Use shelves or cubbies to have a specific location for the things you will need throughout the day. That way, you’ll know where to find them when you need them.


If you sit at a desk for hours upon hours, then the right chair will make an enormous difference. You don’t necessarily need to spend hundreds of dollars either. Invest in a well-designed chair that provides lumbar support to avoid back pain. To prevent neck and shoulder pain, consider the purchase of a convertible desk that allows you to go from a seated position to a standing one. If clients are going to be visiting you in this space, be sure there is adequate seating with enough room for their comfort as well.


Proper lighting will keep you alert and more productive when working. Be sure the lighting is bright enough to eliminate or reduce eye strain. Situate computer screens away from the glares of windows and overhead lighting. Purchasing a desk lamp will help with smaller tasks when working at your desk.


Place objects of inspiration around the room. Hang images on the walls. This will help remind and inspire you whenever you feel stuck or in any slump.

While everyone has their own definition of what their dream home office will look like, by incorporating the ideas I’ve mentioned above and adding a twist of you, you’ll find less of yourself dragging your feet at the beginning of each workday by turning your home office into a space that you absolutely love.


Article by
Ava Collins
Content Writer and Researcher

Student award winner Ava Collins