It’s super easy to forget things that instantly make our lives easier. I totally get it. However, you really, really don’t want to forget these essentials before we hit 2021. You’ll love yourself for thinking ahead if you start preparing to buy these now.

No. 1: A Sturdy, Roomy Hard Drive for All Your Data
If you’ve been working from home this year, it’s critical that you have your hard work backed up on a personal hard drive. Better yet, two hard drives, in case one of them fails on you. It’s like buying car insurance: You never know what could happen on the road until it’s too late. But, in this case, the “road” is when we’re using your laptop before a huge deadline, and it crashes right when we really need it to function. Buy insurance. Buy a good hard drive.

No. 2: A Second Monitor
Even if you’re not sure you need a second monitor, you probably need a second monitor. No matter what you’re doing on your computer, it makes your job so much easier by giving you more space to work with. Investing in a second monitor can increase your overall productivity by streamlining your workflow.

No. 3: A Smart Speaker
Alexa is more useful for your home office than you might think. Need to set a reminder tomorrow, or in 15 minutes? Want to play a song while you’re starting your first task of the day? Got a quick message you need to send your coworker? Done. Having a little assistant isn’t so bad; it can increase productivity and make you feel like you’re living in the future.

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Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Senior Advisor

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