The gig economy has a reputation of short-term tasks done in volume to obtain the desired income of their worker. This, however, is not always the case as some gigs may break this stereotype with higher paying opportunities with comparable volume. The typical gig working jobs such as Doordash driver, UberEats driver, Uber driver, GrubHub driver, and Lyft driver make a rough average of approximately $16 per hour after expenses and met requirements. Jobs like these of course differ depending on time of day, opportunity volume, tips, and more allowing each of these potentials to be more or less than their perceived average. Comparatively, a YourMechanic job can get around $40 an hour consistently. Some require more skill and resources while others merely require your time and availability.

Here are examples of gig jobs with high average pay. HelloTech contracts tech supporters with outsourced opportunities to help individuals at their home or business – $50 an hour. 99 Designs makes graphic designs from anything between book covers to company logos – no maximum hourly pay. Upwork allows opportunities of nearly any kind to remote workers pushing hourly rates into the hundreds. Soothe is gig working for massage therapists including sports, couples, and deep tissue massages – $65 an hour. Airbnb is a hosting app for renters in private locations gathering over $500 a month across more than half the users on the site. Turo allows users to rent out their personal cars averaging $540 per month.

The stigma behind gig work is not limited to merely taxi and delivery drivers, instead gig jobs can span over a wide variety of opportunities of time, skill, and/or resources providing a substantial income exceeding other employee-required vocations.



Article by
Christian Peterson
Marketing Manager

Christian Peterson