Did you abandon your business’s Facebook page in 2009 and your Twitter account in 2019? Can people tell just by looking at them?

If you’re struggling to create a unified image for your business, you’re not alone. Thanks to the internet, the free tools available to many small businesses overwhelm them, so they don’t capitalize on them effectively.

But you don’t have to drown in options — before we go any further in 2021, unify your approach to your website, social media, and online presence by unifying and transforming your team’s agenda. Designate someone to create a style guide for your brand, and ensure that everyone involved with your graphic design knows about it. Without a plan for your future image, you won’t know how to begin achieving it today.

Even better, make everyone’s job easier by giving all of the responsibility to an expert team, polished in their approach to redesigning entire brands — E6 Agency, which has worked with clients like Amazon Fresh, Dell, and Comcast.

E6 Agency is more than a graphic design agency. It’s a personalized, boutique IT services company providing custom solutions in graphic design, website development, video and automation, social media, and related activities as well as data management and cybersecurity. Not sure how they can help? Just give them a call and provide your budget and your goal. They’ll provide affordable solutions to your IT challenges!

Best of all, AFEUSA members receive 20% savings. Join us today and start saving on your next rebranding project!

Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Senior Advisor

Wayne Goshkarian in front of his jet