Entrepreneurship can sometimes feel like a lonely business. As you work on building up your business, you might feel like you’re doing it all on your own.   We at AFE want you to know that you’re not alone in your endeavors. There are programs and events all over the U.S. every day devoted to helping people like you. These programs help with training, networking, and so much more.   One example is The Catalyst, of whom AFE is a proud sponsor. This organization was originally founded in 2003 as The Women’s Business Center of North Alabama (WBCNA). After 14 successful years, the organization changed its name to The Catalyst Center for Business & Entrepreneurship — or The Catalyst.   Over the years, this non-profit organization has served over 26,000 clients who have created hundreds of new jobs in North Alabama alone. It also works with people of all races, gender and socioeconomic classes. They even offer scholarships for those who qualify!  In other words, The Catalyst takes care of their clients. On Tuesday, Sept. 4, they will be hosting their free Monthly Loan Clinic, where they offer to help you learn how to apply for a loan for your business and prepare everything you’ll need. They’ll also let you know about the services they provide to help guide you through the whole process.  The organization is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and business owners throughout all their stages of growth. They provide one-on-one coaching and networking opportunities to help build business relationships. To better accommodate to individual needs, The Catalyst also offers separate tailored programs for startups, established businesses, innovation and technology businesses, government contractors, women and veterans.   Coming up on Friday, Sept. 14, The Catalyst will be hosting its third annual “Mompreneur Event.” It’s an event designed to “educate, encourage and empower mom entrepreneurs to run successful businesses.” To learn more about The Catalyst and take a look at upcoming events, check out their website  Do you have any experiences with The Catalyst helping you along your entrepreneurship journey? We’d love to hear about them!