One of the unintended downsides of working from home is the impact it can have on your overall health. While you’d think staying out of the office and having more freedom would allow you to make time to take better care of yourself, it’s normally the opposite. Getting into a comfortable routine at home often leads to a sedentary lifestyle. Having the refrigerator right next to you isn’t doing you any favors either. That’s why it’s so important to develop a plan to keep up an active lifestyle. After all, you can’t stay stagnant for long before it negatively affects your work and personal life.

An easy solution is to designate breaks for yourself, just like you would if you were working from the office. Yet instead of staring at your phone or stepping outside for a smoke, you should use this time to get your blood flowing. Sitting down all day is one of the worst things for our bodies, no matter how well we eat. So find a simple exercise to counteract the detrimental behaviors that come with work. This doesn’t have to be all misery either; feel free to flip the TV on for 15–30 minutes while you do crunches or run in place. Better yet, pop the headphones in and take a few laps around the block. Depending on how long you’ve been letting your unhealthy lifestyle weigh on you, it may be tough at first, but you’ll thank yourself later for simply setting aside a few minutes a day to address your fitness.

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Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Senior Advisor

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