Technology has become one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide, and those working in the IT field generally receive higher salaries than those working in other industries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 15% increase in IT jobs over the next ten years, putting this industry in high demand going into the future.

If you are considering a career working in technology, there are many routes you can take. Some of which don’t even require a college degree. To find which best fits your skills, here are some of the top tech positions, a brief description of their roles and responsibilities, and the possible earnings you can make.

1.) Product Manager

Project Managers should be skilled in UX design, Technology, and Business, for this role requires management of projects from every step along the way. They are also often involved in researching, analyzing, testing, and creating technological systems. A well-experienced IT Project Manager can expect to earn $159,010 annually.

2.) Data Security Analyst

The role of a Data Security Analyst is to protect information and systems from cyber-attacks and other data breaches. They search for potential vulnerabilities within the current systems and procedures and implement new ways to correct them if needed. They can also monitor networks for unusual or suspicious activity. Data Security Analysts earn, on average, $102,600 yearly.

3.) Computer Network Architect

Computer Network Architects design and build data communications. They should be knowledgeable in both hardware and software. They aim to increase efficiency and ensure a company’s systems run smoothly. They will also create and present any upgrades necessary, if needed to management. The median wage for this occupation is $120,520.

4.) Cloud Engineer

A Cloud Engineer’s primary duties are managing and monitoring cloud computing software. This includes creating, implementing, and testing the technologies based on a company’s needs. They can also create disaster recovery solutions and assist with compliance audits. On average, a Cloud Engineer can expect to earn $104,590 yearly.

5.) Database Administrator

A Database Administrator is responsible for a company’s databases. They ensure systems run smoothly and efficiently and function appropriately within a company. Duties can also include maintenance performance. Sometimes they will assist in security measures. Those who work in the field earn, on average, $96,710.

6.) Mobile Developer

As the name suggests, Mobile Developers design mobile applications. They’re responsible for the entire application, from writing UI to performing unit tests to identifying malfunctions. They will focus on optimizing functionality and the performance of apps. The median wage annually for Mobile Developers is $90,081.

7.) Development Operations Engineer

This position’s responsibilities include determining project objectives, configuring operational priorities, and developing operations solutions. Development Operations Engineers are also responsible for researching and studying new technologies, designing, analyzing, and evaluating automation systems, and integrating infrastructure builds. People working in this position earn a median wage of $67,767.

People working in the tech field can earn a very comfortable salary. And while earning a degree isn’t necessary, the more education and experience you have, the better pay you will receive. With today’s advancements in technology booming, people are relying on it more than ever, so it only makes sense that this field is in high demand and is sought out by many individuals looking to earn a hefty salary.


Article by
Ava Collins
Content Writer and Researcher

Student award winner Ava Collins