A digital marketing agency is a great business to start. In 2022, ​digital advertising agencies were estimated to earn more than $20 billion and are predicted to grow an average of 10% yearly moving forward. While this can be a relatively cheap startup, it’s also good to know that it’s a highly competitive market, as many businesses are now turning to digital marketing.

You don’t need to have a great deal of experience yourself, but it is recommended that you have at least a few of the skills necessary when starting. Here are some pieces of advice to follow while beginning your journey.


#1 Determine which type of services your digital marketing agency will offer.

Digital marketing agencies can offer a full range of services, including;

  • SEO Services
  • PPC Services
  • Web design and Development
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Conversion optimization

Unless you are well versed in all areas, consider offering only one or two services to begin. That way, you can perfect your skills, increase your confidence, and build your client portfolio. As you grow in these areas, you can then increase your services. Or you may even decide to hire an employee or two, assuming you’ve obtained some loyal clientele and have steady work scheduled out.


#2 Decide what your agency will charge

Depending on the services, rates can vary anywhere from $30-$120 per hour. If you are new to digital marketing, keeping your fees on the lower end is best. At least until you’ve proven your skills, gained some clients, and built a more extensive portfolio. Some people choose to charge a flat fee on particular projects. The drawbacks to doing it this way might not be worth it when you begin. Clients may expect more; they might become suspicious of how you are spending your time on their dime.

The good thing about this startup type is that you don’t need an actual business location. You can successfully run your company from the comfort of your home because most of your operations are performed by email or virtual video meetings.


#3 Establish your web presence.

A few things that will assist in building up your online presence include;

-Creating a website. Here you can accurately represent yourself, your business, and all your accomplishments thus far.

-Link your company’s website to all of your social media platforms. This will increase the traffic exposure to your brand and can offer valuable leads.


There are many steps involved when starting your own business. These tips are only a place to start. You will still need to register your business, get it licensed, determine your business plan, and buy the appropriate tools to run a successful operation, to name a few. By building your skill and experience, starting off slowly by limiting your services at first, and focusing on getting your name out there, you’ll significantly improve your chances of receiving more recognition and building up your client pool.



Article by
Ava Collins
Content Writer and Researcher

Student award winner Ava Collins