For those who might not be familiar with my journey, I once found myself in a position of financial struggle as a carpet cleaner, barely making ends meet and heavily reliant on credit cards. However, my life took a significant turn when I stumbled upon the world of marketing. Amid this transformative experience, I uncovered a crucial lesson that would revolutionize my business: the power of staying in regular contact with my Clients.

As I delved into the intricacies of marketing, I came to understand the immense potential in a simple yet effective strategy that I later shared with fellow carpet cleaners: the Monthly Client Newsletter. Not only did I advocate this approach, but I also went the extra mile by offering to write the newsletter for them, making it an easily implementable solution.

It was puzzling to me when I encountered resistance from some cleaners who would insist, “I’m too busy to mail a newsletter.” I couldn’t help but wonder, “What could possibly be more pressing than taking a few moments to address the most significant challenge you’re facing in your business?” In a world saturated with distractions like Facebook and other social media platforms, it’s easy to lose sight of the potency of more direct, personal communication methods.

While the allure of social media is undeniable, there is something uniquely effective about sending out a monthly Client Newsletter. This tried-and-true approach has been a cornerstone of my business strategy for over two decades. It’s a way to engage in meaningful dialogue, connect with people, and foster lasting relationships.

By communicating directly with your clients through newsletters, you have the opportunity to offer valuable insights, share updates, and express your genuine interest in their well-being. It’s a chance to establish a real connection that transcends the digital realm. In an age where we are bombarded with information online, a personalized message delivered through traditional mail can be a breath of fresh air.

The core principle underlying this strategy is simple: engage with your clients on a personal level. Make them feel valued and heard. By consistently delivering relevant and informative content, you not only retain their loyalty but also increase the likelihood of referrals and continued business.

In essence, the Monthly Client Newsletter is a testament to the enduring power of personal connection and genuine engagement. It’s a reminder that amidst the digital noise, the most effective solutions can often be found in the simplicity of human interaction. As I reflect on my journey, it’s clear that this timeless approach has been a cornerstone of my success for over two decades.

Sending out a monthly Client Newsletter works. I’ve done it for 20+ years in my business.
Dialogue with people.
Engage with people.
Connect with people.


by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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