Rideshare apps are one of the most convenient and cost-effective methods of travel. An estimated 1 in 4 Americans use these services monthly. As a gig worker, this is a wonderful opportunity to make supplemental income. However, it’s not as simple as joining an app and watching the cash come in. To make this process smoother for an aspiring Uber or Lyft driver, here are 4 tips to maximize your profit as a driver.

Set Up Search Filters

In both Uber and Lyft, you are given the option as a driver to filter by trip duration as well as adjust the cost per ride. By modifying these filters, you can optimize the amount of money made per mile traveled.

Drive Higher-Rated Passengers

Passengers that have close to 5 star ratings (4.7 with Uber and 4.8 with Lyft) tend to make trips easier on you as a driver. Those with lower ratings can prove to be annoying clients, and are more likely to waste time you could be spending with another client. Also, higher-rated passengers are more likely to tip better- or at all!

Maintain Your Vehicle

You as a driver also should strive to keep up your ratings, and one of the most baseline ways to do this is by keeping your car well with regular detailing and car washes. This is also an important expense to account for when budgeting for them, as forgetting to keep this in mind may take a toll on your overall profits.


One of the best ways to multiply your income as a driver is to sign up for several rideshare apps. Driving for both Uber and Lyft opens up your clientele to a wider range of people, which allows you to increase your income pool. This also applies to opening up your driving to deliveries as well, (ie. driving for UberEats and Uber) which is a wonderful way to fill up all of your driving time with clients.

By utilizing these suggestions, you can increase your profits as a rideshare driver and streamline the process as much as possible.


Article by
Katie Hoge
Content Writer and Researcher

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