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See your way to a brighter future with healthy eyes while limiting your out-of-pocket costs. Provided through VSP Vision Care.
VSP Vision Care

Vision care is important for your eye health and overall wellness – you and your eyes deserve to be healthy! AFE is pleased to offer the VSP® vision care plan. VSP is the largest vision benefits provider in the United States. VSP has over 36,000 providers nationally – the largest independent eye care provider network in the U.S. Many eye doctors are in the VSP network. Using an in-network provider makes sure you get the most value from your benefits and limits your out-of-pocket costs. In-network doctors bill VSP directly as a convenience to you – no claim forms. You can also choose to see a doctor not in the VSP network, but your out-of-pocket costs will likely be higher, and you must submit the itemized receipts to VSP for reimbursement.

If you’re still weighing the pros and cons of vision insurance, here are the top ten reasons to consider getting a vision plan now.


    Savings everywhere you look

    The purpose of vision insurance is to lower the costs associated with vision correction and your eye health. VSP provides its members with low out-of-pocket costs that result in, on average, $200 per year for Standard Plan members. You could save even more.


    Annual comprehensive eye exam

    Everybody should have an annual comprehensive eye exam. It’s the most important part of determining vision changes and physical health problems. Using one of the thousands of VSP network eyecare professionals nationwide, you have access to a full eye exam for a small, $10 co-pay – every year.


    Frame and contact lens allowance

    Sometimes you need new glasses. Sometimes you just want new glasses. Those costs add up. VSP members simply use their frame allowance and, “voila”, the cost using an VSP network eyecare professional is a small co-pay of $10. You may also use your allowance for elective contact lenses in lieu of glasses.


    Affordable eye care

    Even if vision insurance isn’t provided through your employer, VSP individual plans are affordable and dramatically reduce the cost of your eye and vision care. These plans are less than $15 per month for an individual.


    Doctor network

    It’s not easy to meet VSP’s high quality standards. Even still, over 33,000 doctors did. That’s the largest independent doctor network in the country. We combine quality with quantity, so the best eye doctor for you is always right around the corner.


    Brand selection

    When you get new glasses, you want them to look good. Using a VSP network eyecare professional, VSP plans provide you with access to hundreds of styles and many of the name brands available. You save even more when you choose frames from the featured brand list.


    Exclusive lens enhancement pricing

    Multifocal lenses, impact resistance, anti-glare coating, and scratch resistance are all examples of optional lens enhancements you may choose for your new glasses. VSP eyecare professionals offers no cost or discounted pricing on covered lens enhancements. For example, standard progressive lenses are covered in full as well as scratch resistant coating.


    Contact lens exam and fitting

    Using a VSP eyecare professional, contact lens exams (fit/evaluation) are covered in full after any applicable copayment. Elective contact lenses are covered annually with a generous allowance.


    Long-term eye and physical health

    Your eyes are constantly changing. It’s just a fact. Vision insurance makes sure those changes don’t lead to problems in the long term. Eye doctors are often among the first to catch chronic health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. So, it’s not just about your eyes.


    Peace of mind—just in case

    Wouldn’t you rather know that your eyes are healthy, and your eyesight is clear? Many people with vision problems don’t realize they may have issues without an eye exam. Since your vision changes slowly over time, worsening vision is not easy to detect alone.

    This is only a brief overview. Please refer to one of our brochures or our website for full information about policy plan design, limitations, exclusion, state approvals and other information.

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