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The Future of WFH

ABC 15's Megan Thompson talks about the future of WFH with AFEUSA President Charles Jackson

ABC Interview for Student Awards

Join AFEUSA President Charles Jackson and student award winner/owner Handmade Soap Club as they are interviewed on ABC 15 Arizona about the AFEUSA Student Award program.

PBS Interview on the Gig Economy

PBS Interview on the Gig Economy

A new report finds one in six workers are gig workers, meaning they are paid either as independent contractors or as short-term employees working no more than six months. These are generally non-traditional employees and are likely not full-time with benefits and one...

The One Secret To Succeed and Overcome Obstacles

What's the difference-maker between succeeding or succumbing to fear or pity? The difference is MINDSET. Watch this interview with Alden Mills who overcame serious health concerns and faced bankruptcy several times, but went...