I interviewed an individual years ago named Terri Lonier, who wrote a book called “Working Solo.” During the interview, we talked about “The Million Dollar Racehorse.” Think of yourself as a Million Dollar Racehorse…

If you owned a Million Dollar Racehorse, how would you treat it? You wouldn’t shove fast food down its throat. You wouldn’t cause it to have sleep deprivation. You would make sure it gets the best trainers, the best tracks, and the best everything. You would take care of that Million Dollar Racehorse, because it needs to win races to make you money. So, YOU are that Million Dollar Racehorse.

If you treat yourself any other way, you are likely messing yourself up. Part of this is about how you physically take care of yourself. It also involves who you hang out with. Cut all ties with dishonest, lazy people. Look at the environment in which you work. Look at the Clients you have.
Which ones are E.L.F.® (Easy, Lucrative, and Fun!)? Take a look at your Business and Life and ask:

Is your environment E.L.F.?
Are the people you associate with E.L.F.?
Are you treating yourself in a way that makes your Life and Business more E.L.F.?

Make your Life and Business E.L.F. and treat yourself like the Million Dollar Racehorse you are.

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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