During the lockdowns, we got to spend every waking moment at home, a blessing in disguise for many busy entrepreneurs and their families. Since this might’ve been a great, relationship-empowering experience for many, you might be a little worried or mindful about the road ahead.

Will things continue as they were now that you’ll be busy away from home again? What aspects of your work-from-home lifestyle can you keep in your life? How will your work travel affect your relationships at home, including kids?

Don’t face these questions alone. You can invest in your life’s most important connections in plenty of ways as a busy entrepreneur — just ask the couple who has dedicated their life’s work to educating other couples about how to make it work for them.

Our partner, the Empowered Couples University, was founded by Aaron & Jocelyn Freeman. As entrepreneurs, they learned an important lesson the hard way: Love is not enough. That might sound harsh, but it’s because loving each other doesn’t guarantee you will communicate well, fight fairly, or handle challenges as a team. These are skills that are often learned — why not hire a coach or guide to help you get them right (before you have to learn through mistakes)?

At AFEUSA, we know how much our entrepreneurs care — not only about their businesses, but also their loved ones and providing for their livelihood. Our business owners undergo intense pressure every day yet thrive anyway.

It brings to mind an modern adage: A Coca-Cola executive once described how a professional juggles rubber and glass balls in life. The rubber balls are your career, because they can always bounce back. But your glass balls, like relationships and family, can’t bounce back — they can be damaged forever.

Do your future self a favor, heed the warnings of many business owners before you and invest in your relationships today. Join AFEUSA and get many exclusive benefits to Empowered Couples University, including a complimentary Relationship Breakthrough session with the Freemans! Thanks for reading, friends.

Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Director of Communications

Wayne Goshkarian in front of his jet