When I was a really little kid, as far as I can remember, selling worms was the first Entrepreneurial thing I ever did. I can’t even remember who I was selling the worms to, but it was somewhere in Pennsylvania.

As a little kid, I also used to cut lawns and grass, paint addresses on the side of curbs, and clean up people’s yards. I also remember knocking on doors and selling newspaper subscriptions. Out of 2,500 people selling newspaper subscriptions, I sold the most subscriptions and won a trip to Disneyland.

My very first job was taking care of 150 tropical fish aquariums at a pet store. I used to know the names of every sort of freshwater and saltwater fish from eels, to angelfish, to guppies, to all kinds of elaborate corals and sea plants.

As I got older, I not only had jobs like delivering pizza, but I also trimmed palm trees in the middle of summer with spiked shoes to climb the trees. I’d have a saw, and I would manually use it to trim the trees, and there would be insects and bugs all over me. Even though it wasn’t enjoyable, it gave me a good work ethic. I would do anything I could to figure out how to make money because I was not given an allowance AND I wanted to hire people to help me. I had to work for everything I got, which was ultimately good.

This made me realize: If you want anything in life, you have to go out and get it.

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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