Episode Summary

Is it time to take a stand? Learn how your identity impacts everything – from your brand, to your business, to your life – in today’s episode of I Love Marketing.

In this episode, Dr. Patrick Gentempo and Joe Polish explore why creative destruction is necessary when seeking success and purpose-alignment. They’ll dive into the philosophy behind pain transformation, success, and fulfillment – and share what entrepreneurs who are experiencing “maximum tension” need to do to create space for growth. You’ll walk away with more clarity on your stand – your brand – so you can rise like the phoenix and build a business that is easy, lucrative, fun and fulfilling.

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Patrick and Joe in this episode:

  • Why WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU STAND FOR is the key to building a business and life that works.
  • A big mistake entrepreneurs make in business AND the jet fuel that drives EVERYTHING in business.
  • What “Maximum Tension” is and how to use it to get more done and drive your business forward.
  • Identity Burnout: How creative destruction can lead to a better, more effective future.
  • The secret to happiness Einstein wrote down that sold at auction for $1.56 million.
  • 3 questions for upleveling your thinking and transforming your life.
    Pain, Pleasure, and Purpose: Digging into your soul to create a breakthrough brand.
  • What to do transform pain, overwhelm, and internal incongruence into a life you love.
  • The life-changing experience Patrick had at the Holocaust Museum in Israel.

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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