How much you get out of any event has a lot to do with what you do AFTER the event is over.
And, as my friend Eben Pagan says, SPEED OF IMPLEMENTATION is the secret. Review everything you learned at the event – every thought you had, every perspective. Find the elements and ideas that align.

The time between taking those thoughts and implementing is a function of your Speed of Implementation. THAT is what determines whether the idea will take hold. Ideas, aspirations, and ambitions have a shelf life without action. The more you can engage with those ideas and elements, and do something with them, the better.

Usually, after an event, everybody goes back to their lives. We’re all conditioned. Sometimes “unlearning” is more important than learning.
Often, the best way to make use of what you learned, is unlearning the stuff that will prevent you from messing it up.

For example, spend less time trying to “read all the books.” You’re better off mastering a single book than reading twenty books in a shallow way. There are so many options. There are so many things vying for your attention. And most people operate in a very shallow way. We don’t go deep with much of anything. After you’ve taken everything in from the event, ask yourself:

What are the Elegant Ideas?

What’s the one thing that solves 100 problems?

What are the ideas that, if I actually implemented them in my Life and Business, would produce a great Result?

Then, take it seriously. There will also be things you will have learned that are great ideas – but they aren’t great ideas right now. So, you want to also have a NOT NOW LIST. A NOT NOW LIST is a safe place to put those great ideas you don’t want to lose.

Also, after any event, get a massage. Go to a movie. Do yoga. Whatever is fun for you – do that, too.



by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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