During my early years, I had a strategy I would teach Carpet Cleaners on how to send referral rewards after someone referred a Client to them. When I showed them how to do this in combination with joint ventures, it worked REALLY well.

For example, my Carpet Cleaning Clients would do surveys and ask the households they serviced how often they got their hair done, how often they got manicures, pedicures, and so on. The survey results would show they got them done anywhere from every 2 weeks to every month, on average. Then, the Carpet Cleaning Client would send a message back to the Customer saying, “What if you never had to pay for it? All you have to do is refer me…” And the carpet cleaner would set up a joint venture with a hair and nail salon, and for every referral the customer gave that became a Client, they had hair, nail, and pedicure treatments paid for.

Having said this, the numbers worked out that it was predominantly women who were making the decision to hire the Carpet Cleaner. So, because of this, I had one Carpet Cleaning Client who, based on my strategy, instead of paying for a hair and nail salon treatment, would send out a letter with flowers as a “Thank You” to the women who referred Business to him. The letter he sent was actually pretty normal, and would be perceived as such by anyone who was generally level-headed…

But there was a Customer whose husband threw a sh*t-fit over this when his wife received the Thank You gift, exclaiming, “WHAT IS A CARPET CLEANER DOING SENDING FLOWERS TO MY WIFE?!?!”

The lesson here is that you want to be sending smart, strategic communications to your Clients, but you also have to know the DNA of how you communicate. And then you can have the freedom and flexibility to adapt through that. Being scared of the consequences of taking action is a lot of times far worse than simply taking action, even if some of the actions can be improved. You just have to know what you’re communicating, why you’re communicating it, and the goal behind it all.

Ultimately, the goal is to bond with your Clients and make them feel good. Most everything humans do is for a feeling. And if your Clients continuously feel good, and they associate that with you, you want to keep that going. But, just keep in mind that words matter. Before sending anything out, it needs to be integrated.

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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