You’re used to working hard — and we mean really hard. You’re starving by 10:30 am, but your day is back-to-back meetings, and now you’re getting an important call that you were supposed to have 30 minutes ago.

So, when someone asks you, “What intimidates you most about your business?” it can be tough to respond with anything other than, “Hey, man, leave me alone. I’ve got this!”

You’d be absolutely correct. You DO got this. However, the toughest questions are always the most important ones to answer when working toward achieving your goals. They could lead you toward a deeper understanding of your own productivity, fears, and weaknesses.

It’s likely that you’re constantly aware of what’s most intimidating about your business. Maybe it’s marketing, and you’ve already been immersing yourself in marketing podcasts and connecting with marketing circles on LinkedIn and Twitter. But while your own research can take you pretty far, it can be difficult to completely overcome that intimidation factor until you find yourself a real coach or mentor.

Not only will you have someone who can listen to your problems, but they will also give you long-term and short-term strategies that you wouldn’t have put together otherwise. Working with an expert can give you the confidence you need to grab those intimidating tasks by the horns and sprint toward a more successful year.

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Article by
Wayne Goshkarian,
Director of Communications

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