Most of the ads that businesses use try to get people to act RIGHT NOW. These work successfully if you have the right message-to-market match, headline, offer, and sense of urgency. HOWEVER, most people are not ready RIGHT NOW to buy from you. This is where multi-step marketing comes into play. The way to help these people do business with you when they are ready is to educate them and provide value. 

For example, you can offer a Free Recorded Message, a Free Report, a Consumer Awareness Guide, an Online Survey, and so on in your Ad. In my very first Carpet Cleaning Business, back in 1992, I would send a letter to people offering them a free carpet audit and a free room of carpet cleaning. For those who did not call to take advantage of the offer, I dropped off a second letter to them a few days later. The first letter planted the seed; the second letter reiterated the offer. As a result, a few more people called me to book the carpet audit and the free room of cleaning. I would continue to drop off letters until the letters cost more to print and deliver than what they brought in response. The point is, I didn’t stop with one letter. In fact, half of my business came from letters number two and three.

Remember this: If you ever mail a letter, run an ad, or do any promotion that works the first time to a selected group of people, if you do the same thing again, and again, and again, and it continues to work… you’ve just replicated yourself and you are now leveraging your Marketing efforts.

Repeat your success until it stops being successful. Sometimes people run campaigns that work, and then, for whatever reason, they stop doing them. Maybe they get caught up in their business, but don’t let this happen to you.
The most costly part of business is Client acquisition. 

Many Clients will do business with you over and over, plus, give you referrals, if you do a great job delivering what you promise. Developing new relationships using Multi-Step Marketing is a great way to build a super profitable business. What you want to pay attention to, is the cost to get the marketing out, and what the Return On Investment is. As long as you’re making money and acquiring new Clients, then keep doing it!

The reason I’m sharing this example is that if I could get this strategy to consistently work back in 1992 before the internet even existed (and it still works to this day), you can certainly use this strategy in your Business.

by Joe Polish
Founder of Genius Network

Joe Polish

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