Right now, keeping up with our health is imperative to our success as business leaders. If our health isn’t optimal, it can cloud our judgment and impair our energy levels, restricting our productivity. You’ll see countless apps claiming to be the best for monitoring health and improving overall wellness. However, testing their usefulness takes up valuable time we may not have in our current situation. But our phones can work as a health tracker! Here’s how.

Track your diet in your phone notes.

Manually tracking your diet gives you a better perspective on how much you’re consuming daily. If you’re limiting your calorie intake, track your calories every day so you can refine your diet and find foods that are both healthy and great tasting. Additionally, tracking your weight, heart-rate, medication list, and energy levels also encourage you to monitor your health proactively, potentially catching issues before they turn into bigger problems.

Use your phone’s sensors.

Basic health apps like RunKeeper or Zombies, Run! can pair with your phone’s basic sensors to help track your activity levels. The GPS in these apps can track the miles you run or walk or monitor indoor activities, even on a treadmill, using your phone’s accelerometer and GPS. Utilizing these basic apps paired with your health log gives you an idea of how many calories your burning, which enables you to tailor your workout regimen to practices that work for you.

Maintaining your health includes getting the right nutrients and some exercise. In the entrepreneurial world, you need to go to bulk stores, like Costco, to get everything you need. If you’re an AFEUSA member, utilize your exclusive discount with Costco through your membership portal.

by: Charles Jackson,
AFEUSA President

Charles Jackson President AFEUSA