Looking to start a business? Making sure you have all the essentials for marketing, planning, and financing is important, but knowing what contacts to have in your phone when you start can make all the difference.

Throughout your business, you are going to have an immense amount of paperwork and regulations to follow. From taxes to business licenses, having a lawyer to monitor your legalities and processing can help keep you from running into lawsuits and problems with other companies.

While your business is taking off, financing will be extremely important to understand. How much money you are bringing in versus how much money you are spreading on your business will determine how successful your business is, and how successful it could become. Once you pay business taxes and have an office of your own, an accountant is a good person to have watching your fundings at all times.

Business Mentor:
Starting a business can be scary, especially if you are constantly taking risks to achieve your goals. Having someone in your corner who has been through every step and process you are about to go through is a great way to stay levelheaded and keep your focus on the target: your business succeeding. Finding another small business owner, you can sit down with and discuss your experiences with can be eye-opening and can both prepare and inspire you for your future.

Each and every person who helps you and supports you while you start a business is vital to your success and achievements. Having a lawyer, accountant, and business mentor on hand when you go through these life changing steps can prepare you for what is to come, and it can ensure your success in the business world.


Article by
Megan Stobie
Content Writer and Researcher