We all know entrepreneurs are self-sufficient and well-driven. While most characteristics of an entrepreneur are favorable, the weight can be bearing, and delegating tasks may seem more difficult than doing it yourself. In order to boost your efficiency, delegating is essential and does not have to be so challenging.

In the hiring process, train your employees well so that they know how to get tasks done just as you would do so yourself. When delegating, treat your employees with respect so they respond with respect. Your goal in delegating is to remain approachable for those you are assigning tasks, so they feel comfortable coming to you with questions.

Decide which tasks you are going to delegate
As a business owner, analyze your business, your employees, and yourself when delegating tasks. Ask yourself what everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are. Consider which tasks are slowing the business down, what needs to be prioritized and what tasks may be burdensome. Delegate according to these answers.

Assign task completion deadlines
It has been proven that most people work well under pressure, if not better. Create a timeline not only for yourself but for your employees who will be completing these tasks.

Start small
Simple tasks are often easier to delegate; maybe they are simply tedious but not difficult. Delegated tasks should be easy to teach and require little supervision. It may be difficult for your employees to pick up on certain slack if you have always completed it; try easing into each task instead of assigning a large piece of work to a person.

Give your employees productive feedback
It may be hard to give up control but delegating requires positive and productive feedback to make sense of the situation. Check in with your employees often. Do they have any questions? Is there anything they may need clarification on?

Not only will this free up your time to focus on other categories of work, but it will help your business to thrive!


Article by
Kourtney Delperdang
Lead Writer